It is with utmost pleasure that I welcome you to The Truth International. I am Muhammad Fahad Thaheem, the Chief Executive Officer of The Truth International. Conceptualized upon the framework of authenticated evidence, rigorous research and beyond par excellence, we have in the past year since inception, treaded carefully upon this path. With projects meandering from international spheres to domestic, we have successfully attempted and are working towards providing the quality as promised on day one. Our core values remain stagnant: dedication, commitment and the unwavering will to excel beyond measure. We believe in serving our clients with modern techniques led by a youth centric team that strongly persists upon the principles of innovation and creativity. The vision is simple – to instill our heart, soul and fullest passion into everything we do. Be it the research projects we have conducted or the monitoring and evaluation programmes we are currently engaged in or even the fortnightly magazine that we publish, our goal is to provide a product that is universally acceptable and objectively valuable. Upon the pursuance of this mission, we have been lucky to assemble people from all walks of life, race, color and creed and have created a small community within the office whereby tolerance, assistance and admiration of quality work is what truly binds us together. As we move towards the first anniversary of our company, I am pleased with the progress that we have made in the past one year but am even more excited about what is coming up. Our plan is to further our agenda ahead of the avenues we have explored and strike the realms that continue to go unnoticed. Together, we feel nothing is impossible and with that in mind, I welcome you all on board. Let this journey not be a mere testament of passion, grit and the idealistic dream of an individual but a communal endeavor to stimulate a strife for change.