About Us

The Truth International is quality conscious research and educational service provider that was established in April 2020 and is registered under the SECP (Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan) and certified by ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation) 9001:2015. The organization is also a certified member of the World Research Alliance and WAITRO (World Association of Industrial and Technological Research Organizations). It excels at conducting transparent market research, quality assurance surveys, monitoring and evaluation for individual clients, private firms, and even local and international governments. The youth-led TTI team gives it an edge over its competitors as it is dynamic and state of the art in keeping up with the global trends.

The Truth International (TTI) also publishes a fortnightly magazine that covers various aspects of political, social, and economic background and trends. The magazine highlights the contributions of public and private-sector organizations and business insights across the globe to pave the path for a sustainable and productive environment.

Our Vision

The Truth International seeks to deliver excellence in the domain of research and analysis. To combine international practices with innovative ideas to provide transparent and robust outcomes that are credible, and fact-checked. The dynamic team environment at the forefront provides the tools for creativity, unique ideas, and making space to pave the way for innovative and sustainable growth.

Core Areas/Themes

  1. Food Security and Water Scarcity.
  2. Education
  3. Political and Public Administration
  4. Economic and Sustainable Development

Our Valued Clients

  • Quality conscious individuals and entrepreneurs
  • Scientific Institutions in Public and Private Sector
  • Businessmen
  • University and Research Institutions
  • Government Organizations and Independent think tanks
  • International Not for Profit Organizations, local Civil society Organization and citizens at large.