About Us

The Truth International is a quality conscious organization established in April 2020 aimed at providing cutting-edge empirical researches, conducting marketing, market surveys, qualitative and quantitative assessments with transparency, for individual clients as well as reputed small, medium and large concerns countrywide and internationally. 

The Truth International team comprises of qualified seasoned in-house researchers and statisticians as well as IT experts fully equipped with state-of-the-art techniques of social sciences and tools of qualitative and quantitative market research. 


The Truth International endeavours to be a seat of excellence in the region and internationally, steering cutting edge scientific, business and thematic researches, which are transparent and robust through qualitative as well as quantitative analysis.


The Truth International is value conscious institution dedicated to innovation and excellence in research and analysis, quality and transparency reviews, creative activity, service and public engagement. The Truth International welcomes and serves individual clients; scientific, thematic and business organizations and institutions within and outside Pakistan; as well as contributes to knowledge and expertise locally, nationally and internationally. 


  • Quality conscious Individuals and Entrepreneurs
  • Scientific Institutions in Public and Private Sector
  • Businessmen
  • International Business Concerns
  • University and Research Institutions
  • Government Organizations and Independent Think Tanks
  • International Not for Profit Organizations, local Civil Society Organization and Citizens at Large.


  • Robust Research
  • Cutting Edge Qualitative and Quantitative Techniques
  • Empirical and Unbiased Analysis
  • Technological Data Analytics
  • Anticipated Strategies & Solutions