Quality Assurance with Transparency

The Truth International Team values the fact that Quality assurance and transparency are the corner stones of any research study. Academic discourse rests on the obligation of research scholars to reveal the source of their data, theory and methodology on which they base their conclusion. Unless a study is verifiable by other researchers by evaluating evidence and data collection process, it holds no value.15 Similarly, the businessmen as well as customers essentially expect not only quality products but transparency and right to information so that product delivers or fulfills all expectations what its market mix claims throughout advertisements.  

We use numerous tools for assessing and ensuring quality and transparency in our research. Some key questions Team The Truth International always considers before publishing the findings include;16 

  1. Was the research peer reviewed? Articles published in professional journals with peer review have been evaluated by researchers that are experts in the field and who can vouch for the soundness of the methodology and the analysis applied. As a result, peer-reviewed research is usually of high quality.
  2. Can a study’s quality be evaluated with the information provided? Every study should include a description of the population of interest, an explanation of the process used to select and gather data on study subjects, definitions of key variables and concepts, descriptive statistics for main variables, and a description of the analytic techniques.
  3. Internal Validity: Whether the outcomes observed in a study are due to the independent variables or experimental manipulations investigated in the study and not to some other factor or set of factors.
  4. External Validity: Extent to which the results of a study can be generalized to other settings (ecological validity), other people (population validity) and over time (historical validity).
  5. Construct Validity: Degree to which a variable, test, questionnaire or instrument measures the theoretical concept that the researcher hopes to measure. A research consumer should ask whether the study has adequately measured the key concepts in the study.

The Truth International promises to deliver critical analysis and review of existing marketing mix and plans of organizations to offer advice in shape of enhanced quality assessments advocating change management and better marketing mix strategy as solution to improved and added profits and improved products widely fulfilling customer satisfaction due to ensured transparency and people satisfaction.